Are all your alexandrites and diamonds really natural, earth mined precious stones?

We specialize on high quality natural alexandrites. We buy from the mines and cut and polish stones ourselves. There is no chance that rough stones from the earth can be man made.
All our alexandrites have been tested by GIA graduate gemologist who confirmed that they are natural alexandrite.
Our 100% positive feedback received in 12 years selling high end alexandrite jewelry speaks for itself about our integrity and quality of our product. We give full guarantee that all our alexes are 100% natural untreated alexandrites and that our gold is solid 18k and diamonds are natural. You can read our article: HOW-TO-AVOID-FAKE-ALEXANDRITES here: IMPORTANT INFORMATION

Also, any local jeweler can confirm that this stone is earth mined natural alexandrite in 5 minute using refractometer.
I'm collecting alexandrites more than 18 years and 95% of alexes have fractures and major inclusions being GIA Type 2. They are also cloudy. That's why I am selecting only alexes with the clarity and luster.

How do you define the price of your alexandrites?

Color gemstone value is defined by 4C: Carat, Color, Clarity and Cut. Alexandrite is the unique as it's value is also defined by 5th C,- Color Change.

Alexandrite belongs to Type 2 of GIA. It means that most alexandrites have many inclusions. Therefore clarity of our alexandrites is unusual for natural alexandrites. But what is even more amazing is that with such clarity our alexandrites display a prominent color change.

The color change is displayed due to the presence of chromium which often makes stone cloudy. Natural Alexandrite which is both very clear and has prominent color change is extremely rare. It is a miracle of nature. Such stones are sought after by collectors and command premium prices.

 Why do very similar alexandrites differ in price?

We're constantly sourcing alexandrites to offer the finest quality at the most competitive prices. In the industry, prices are based on availability of stones and market conditions at the time of sourcing. We price our alexandrites based on our cost, not the current market. We work hard cutting all the middlemen and trying to reduce our cost and we always pass the savings onto you. 

Our prices are below wholesale because our business is online and we don't have to pay expensive store rent,staff salaries and health insurance, etc. We buy stones from the mines, we make our own jewelry. Therefore by buying from us you cut out many middlemen. Each of them adds to the price. That is why we supply natural alexandrite jewelry to many jewelry stores. They buy from us and sell it for much higher price.


Will I receive the appraisal certificate along with my item?

 We can submit the stone to GIA or other Gemological Laboratory. The appraisal certificate can be issued by reputed independent US gemological laboratory.Unlike other sellers we never appraise our jewelry because it is not ethical. The certificate will include the colored picture of the ring,detailed description of the stone and the metal and appraised value of the ring.

This is like a passport for the ring and will make it easier to sell it in the future if you want (although I would advise against it,because high end alexandrite mines are becoming scarce and the gem quality alexes increase in price every year) and it can be used for insurance purposes as well.


Their fee is $99, but since we send them our items on regular basis they give us a discount which we can gladly pass to you. For you the cost of the certificate will be $59.